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About ChocoPatiss® / CP-Boxes

ChocoPatiss® is a starting business, founded from a passion for chocolate and cake baking.

Ever since I’m 16 years old I’ve been baking cakes, at first with the help of my mother (thanks mom, for all the good tips and recipes) and after that on my own.

Cakes need chocolate and I learned that chocolate is not just an ingrediend but a product on it’s own. Through the years I’ve followed several courses in ‘chocolaterie’  and doing so everything became more and more professional, yes, I admit, I’m a perfectionist.

A constant source of irritation (frustration even) was, every time I’d finished a beautiful creation; how am I going to package, transport and keep it??

Even if you’ve found a cardboard box that fits, after using it only once you have to put it in the waste bin, keeping good hygiene in mind. The plastic (domed) alternatives that I’ve seen are all very limiting when it comes to the height of your cake, and thus limiting your creativity, I mean it’s not just about the taste it also has to be pleasing to the eye. Not?

And, as you might suspect, that sparked an idea in my head that became more and more concrete and convincing, an idea that could solve my problem (and that of many others).

The plastic Cake Box (and with it ChocoPatiss®) was born !

The unique design made it possible to register my models. ‘The box’ offers so many possibilities, that I already innovated several new applications and models.

Keep checking out this website and follow us on social media and you’ll see. I can’t wait to hear from you!

With love,



Ⓓ :  models are protected and registered under number  DM/098 184